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Swimming Pool na ginawang pond - posible! | TatehTV Episode 94

By TatehTV | July 28, 2021


6X na Ani kada Taon, posible sa Modular Fish pen I Tateh TV Episode 93

By TatehTV | February 23, 2021


Pag-aalaga ng Tilapia sa Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), Pinas Style I Tateh TV Episode 90

By TatehTV | February 08, 2021


Maikling Days of Culture (DOC), posible sa Tateh Surfer Feeds | TatehTV Episode 88

By TatehTV | November 09, 2020


Kuwentong Tagumpay ni Romeo Salvador gamit ang Tateh Surfer Feeds | TatehTV EP 87

By TatehTV | October 26, 2020


Paano Ginagawa ang Fish Cage na Yari sa Kawayan | TatehTV EP 86

By TatehTV | October 11, 2020


Paano ginagawa ang fish cage (GI Pipe) | TatehTV EP 85

By TatehTV | September 28, 2020


Tateh ExtruSink Feeds Bakit Pinipili ng Maraming Tilapia Farmers | TatehTV EP 84

By TatehTV | September 14, 2020


Paano ginagawa ang HDPE o High-density Polyethylene Cages | TatehTV Episode 83

By TatehTV | August 01, 2020


Paano Pataasin ang Bangus Fingerling Survival sa Nursery Operations | TatehTV Episode 82

By TatehTV | July 20, 2020

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Tilapiais rich in protein and low in fat and cholesterol and can therefore be considered a healthy part of one’s nutrition.  But aside from this, tilapia can also be a good source of income due to its demand in the market.  Michael Dela Cruz, Sales Supervisor of Santeh Feeds Corporation for Northeast Luzon, cited the […]

While this article is focused on AHPND, it should be noted that many the recommended biosecurity protocol is applicable as well to other shrimp diseases.  AHPND or Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease was initially referred to as early mortality syndrome (EMS) when scientists were still scrambling to determine its etiology.  It was later found to be […]

Macrobrachium, locally called ulang, pahe or kising-kising, is an indigenous species in the Philippines. The species cultured in Malaysia and Thailand turns out to be have been erroneously identified as M. rosenbergii but should actually have been referred to as M. dacquetti. Females can reach up to 25 cm while males can grow up to […]

Vannamei or white shrimps need proper nutrition in order to fully grow and develop. And they can only get this by eating quality feeds. According to Tateh Feeds production manager Juanito Legazpi, Jr., quality vannamei feeds are made up of imported ingredients that have been thoroughly checked and undergone correct grinding process using a state […]