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Species Cultured

As one of the pioneers in aquaculture, we offer a complete range of feed suited for different species, culture systems, and water systems in the Philippines.


Tilapia are major farmed fish in the Philippines. They are among the easiest and most profitable fish to farm due to their ease to reproduce, high stocking density, rapid growth, high protein, and palatability.


As one of the most important food fish in the Philippines, the Milkfish or Bangus is highly marketable. Fresh and processed variants of the fish are available in wet markets and supermarkets.


Litopenaeus Vannamei or Pacific White Shrimp is a member of the Penaeidae family of marine crustacean. Vannamei fetches a premium in the market and has high demand both locally and in export markets.


The Penaeus Monodon or Black Tiger Prawn is also a member of the Penaeidae family of marine crustacean. Like Vannamei, the Monodon also fetches a premium in the market and has high demand both locally and in export markets.


Crab (mudcrab or Alimango) is one of the rising cultured species in the Philippines. Trash fish was used to feed cultured crab until recently when Crab feeds were first introduced by Santeh to the aquaculture industry.


Hito or Catfish are favorite food for Filipinos because of its tender and delicious meat. Catfish are able to survive out of water for a long time, thus many supermarkets sell them live.


Fish fillets sold locally as “Cream Dory” are from the Pangasius catfish. The Pangasius is a catfish and is cultured due to its strong market demand and fast growth rate.


Rabbitfish are widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific region. Filipino common names include: Kitong, Malaga, Samaral, and Danggit. Santeh Feeds Research and Development produced the first batch of rabbitfish feeds in 2010.


The Golden Pompano or Snubnose Pompano is continuing to gain popularity as a farmed high-value species. It is easy to eat and has a juicy, fatty white flesh.


The Grouper, locally known as Lapu-Lapu, is a high-value species with great demand in the local and export markets. The cage culture technology is relatively cheap and easy to run.


The Asian Seabass or Barramundi is known in the Philippines as Apahap. This marine species has a high market value and demand, and is commonly served in fine-dining restaurants.


The Snapper or Maya-Maya is a a high-value marine species. Snappers usually found in mangrove areas in the coastline. The fish is lean with firm flesh and a mild taste.


The Philippines is one of the few areas in the world where high-value species of eels such as Anguillids (true eels) and Monopterus (paddy eels) thrive.